family-reading-couch-iS-3836232.jpgHinds Energy installs the finest and most energy-efficient heating systems from the top names in the industry - Thermo Pride, Energy Kinetics System 2000, Mitsubishi, and Weil-McLain. Upgrading to a new heating system could lower your energy bills by up to 40 percent or more and provide unsurpassed comfort. 


We are proud to represent these fine heating brands:


20170620_weil_logo.pngWeil-McLain Gold Series Boilers are high efficiency cast iron boilers that are easy to install and service.

The Weil-McLain WTGO Oil Boiler is a high-capacity tankless heater that provides space and domestic hot water heating and is available assembled or as a knockdown for installation areas with limited space. The Weil-McLain WGO Oil Boiler is a dedicated tankless heater or cover plate that is easy to install and service. Both the WGO and WTGO Oil Boilers offer: A quick open top and swing-away burner door with full chamber access increases visibility for inspection and servicing, factory-wired circulator, service switch and Weil-McLain exclusive captured elastomer seals for added reliability, two flue outlets - rear and top - for complete venting flexibility and recessed target wall design that protects unit from flue brushes.

The Weil-McClain CGt Gas Boiler is available in one size and has a built-in tankless heater as standard equipment. The CGt gas boiler from Weil-McLain offers a compact design boiler that also provides domestic hot water. Other features include high-grade stainless steel burners, integrated control module and venting flexibility.

thermo-pride-logo.pngExceptional comfort ... increased efficiency ... quieter operation ... plus outstanding quality and proven warranties - that's the Thermo Pride furnace. And Thermo Pride furnaces are so tough they've been selected to heat 10 mobile structures at the South Pole. What's more, you can buy with confidence, because Thermo Pride furnaces are one of Consumers Digest Magazine's "Best Buys." Thermo Pride manufactures oil and gas furnaces and heat pumps.

energy-kindetics-system-2000-logo.pngLooking for a system that will reduce your energy use by up to 40 percent, can integrate with hot water systems, and save up to 4.4 tons of CO2 gases per year? Then you want System 2000 from Energy Kinetics - the first fully integrated heat and hot water system on the market. System 2000 is activated only when you need heat or hot water, and after heat and hot water needs are satisfied, System 2000 runs a Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle that puts nearly every ounce of heat left in the boiler to work for you. Plus, System 2000 remains cold when there is no heat needed, which keeps your fuel dollars from being wasted.

fujitsu-logo.pngA Fujitsu Mini-Split system can be operated as a heat pump or an air conditioner and eliminates the need for bulky ductwork. Refrigerant is naturally much colder than outdoor temperatures which allows the system becomes a heat pump by absorbing heat from outside your home and transferring it indoors to heat your home. Efficient compressors are used to pump the refrigerant from outside your home to the inside to heat your home via small copper tubing. When the warmer temperatures hit, you can reverse the process by the push of a button and turn the same system into an air conditioner. Fujitsu Mini-Split systems come in many different sizes, styles and rated outdoor temperatures. The extra-low temperature heating series (XLTH) features outdoor condensing units engineered to operate in temperatures as low as -15°F.

Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems:

  • Require little to no ducting and do not have the energy loss typically associated with central air systems
  • Single or Multi-zone applications (One outdoor unit can operate up to 8 indoor units simultaneously)
  • Quiet & energy efficient
  • User friendly! Each indoor unit can be operated independently via remote control.
  • A variety of indoor unit styles (wall mounted, slim duct, floor mounted, compact cassette)
  • Easy maintenance
  • More heat at lower outdoor temperatures
  • A YEAR ROUND SOLUTION! Provides heating and cooling (not simultaneously)