We deliver top-quality heating oil blended with a premium additive to help your entire heating system run more efficiently and cost-effectively, and reduce the chance of an unexpected service call. 

Along with superior heating oil comes exceptional service. Our full-service heating oil capabilities include: 

  • 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year (for automatic delivery fuel customers, and/or service club members only): You can count on us for emergency heating oil deliveries and equipment repairs around the clock.
  • Comprehensive service plans: Our service plans help keep your heating oil-fired equipment running at peak condition to keep you safe and comfortable.
  • Annual tune-ups: Annual maintenance could lower your heating oil bills by up to 10 percent.
  • Convenient automatic delivery: This free delivery feature ensures that you never run out of heating oil for your home.
  • Will call delivery: With this plan, you call our office whenever you need a fuel refill and we will respond within 5-7 days.
  • Prepayment plan: This plan allows you to pay for your heating oil in advance of the heating season. At the end of the season, any remaining balance will be refunded or rolled over for the next year, and outstanding costs will be billed to you at the same fixed rate. Enrollment for this plan takes place during the summer months.
  • "SmartPay" budget plan: Take control of your heating oil costs when you spread your yearly costs into 11 equal monthly payments. You won't be surprised with large unpredictable payments during the heating season - you'll know exactly what to pay each month. Enrollment for this plan takes place during the summer months.
  • Easy online payment

*Minimum of 150 gallons for oil deliveries*


Heating Oil Benefits

Heating oil is the perfect fuel for homeowners in Susquehanna County, Wyoming County and parts of the Southern Tier of NY for many reasons: 

Heating oil is safe.

  • It will not burn in a liquid state. In order to light heating oil on fire, you must heat it above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize. Heating oil does not explode.
  • With home heating oil systems, carbon monoxide leaks rarely happen without warning, unlike gas heat systems.

Heating oil is "green."

  • It burns cleanly. Today's heating oil burns 95 percent cleaner than in 1970. Low-sulfur products and biofuels, such as those made from soybeans, will further reduce the already near-zero emissions.
  • Residential heating oil equipment creates such a negligible amount of emissions that heating oil is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act.

Heating oil is dependable.

  • With heating oil, you benefit from having your fuel source safely stored in a tank on your property, with no need to worry about the weather or disruptions in the fuel supply.
  • Even during the coldest winter months, there's more than enough heating oil for everyone, thanks to our country's 727-million-barrel Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and the 2-million-barrel Northeast Heating Oil Reserve.
  • There are over 50 oil producing countries, and the U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply.
  • Heating oil can be blended with domestically produced, renewable biofuel.

Heating oil is economical.

  • On a BTU-for-BTU basis, heating oil has cost less than utility gas in our area for the majority of the past 20 years.
  • Hinds Energy offers full-service benefits that add value to every gallon of heating oil we deliver.

Heating oil is efficient.

  • Of all heating fuels, heating oil has the hottest flame for satisfying warmth, rapid space and hot water heating.
  • Thanks to major advancements being made in heating oil burner technology, some heating oil systems now boast efficiency ratings of over 95 percent!
  • Modern heating oil equipment actually burns less fuel. The average annual fuel consumption in 1973 was 1,294 gallons; and now it is only 833 gallons. That's 35 percent less fuel.


Heating Oil Specials and Promotions

Enjoy special perks from Hinds Energy:

  • Prompt payment discount: We offer a 30-cent-per-gallon discount for payments received within 10 days of your heating oil delivery.
  • "Dual fuel discount": Contact us about our special discount for dual heating oil and propane users.
  • Don't have a need for any of our full-service offerings? HindsEnergyOnline.com is our online store for heating oil, kerosene, and propane with substantial savings offered every day just by skipping the call to our office and managing your own account online. Terms and conditions apply.

Please check back for more heating oil specials and offers you will only find on this website.