Posted by admin on June 10, 2014

Deciding on the ideal air conditioning system for your home is not always an easy task. Sizing, cost and efficiency are all factors that are part of the decision making process. At Hinds Energy Heating and Cooling we will help you select an air conditioner that meets the needs of you and your family, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the summer months.

The design and location of your home play an important role in choosing an air conditioning system. For example, the number, size and location of windows and direction that the home faces are all factors that may need to be considered. The ability to install ductwork in the home will determine whether or not a ductless heating/cooling system is the best route to go. Location can also become a key variable when it comes to site conditions, sunshine hours, wind speeds, typical snow accumulation depths, peak summer cooling conditions and peak winter heating conditions. Local building, fire and energy codes are also factors that may be considered when choosing an air conditioner system. 

Indoor cool requirements that need to be considered is the amount of cooling that is necessary to keep your home comfortable, which can be assessed by looking at location effects, the amount of heat generated in your home by lights and appliances and humidity levels. It is important that houses are well ventilated in order to keep fresh air in and push stale air out. The number of occupants in the home as well as cooking areas, chemical storage etc can help you determine the amount of ventilation required. If you choose to set up different air conditioning zones in your house, this may also change the air conditioning system requirements.

Lastly, personal preferences should always be a top priority when selecting an air conditioning system.  

At Hinds Energy Heating & Cooling we will work hard to make sure that your air conditioner meets your preferences and your budget!