Posted by admin on May 25, 2016

Attention Motorcyclist, Boaters, Classic Car owners, Ethanol-FREE gasoline is for sale at Hinds Mart in Montrose!  Now you ask what is ethanol-free gas and why should I use it?  Refiners add ethanol to gasoline to increase the fuel’s oxygen content to comply with federal law, but the ethanol in the fuel causes a corrosion problem when left in the fuel system for a long period of time.  Ethanol-Free fuel eliminates the corrosion problem, so it is a great choice for motorcycles, boats, classic cars, any vehicle that is stored for long periods of time. Plus, it is the fuel to use if you have a classic car or an older boat that was not designed to use ethanol fuels. Just remember, it is still wise to treat the fuel in your vehicle prior to storage. E-free gas can still oxidize and gum up over time so we recommend adding K-100 additive to the fuel prior to storage to eliminate fuel problems in the spring when you get your vehicle out for the summer season. 

H/O Mart - Montrose
242 Church Street
Montrose, PA 18801