Posted by admin on May 13, 2016

I just took my car to my mechanic for an annual inspection, guess what? My car needs the brake shoes replaced.  Now nobody likes to spend money on maintenance, but it was actually good news because I took care of the problem before it got worse and cost more $$$$ by ruining the rotors.  Now, I know my car is safe to drive.  I won’t worry as much when my daughter drives the car. 

Annual inspections for you heating systems are just as important as annual inspections for your car.  No, I take that back, annual inspections for your heating system are even more important than your car.

First of all, the annual inspection of your heating system lets you know that your system is safe to use.  You and your family spend far more time in your house than in your car. You want the peace of mind knowing that the flue pipe is clean and clear and installed properly, and that the safety control on the system is functioning properly.

Secondly, an annual inspection/cleaning saves you money by making sure that your system is operating at peak efficiency you save money on fuel.  A neglected heating system will waste energy right up the chimney. For example, an 1/8 inch of debris on the inside of your furnace acts like insulation in the heat exchanger reducing efficiency by several percent, in the summer when humidity mixes with that debris it creates a mild acid that attacks the inside of the furnace reducing the useful life of the furnace.  By neglecting your heating system for several years you just magnify the damage done to the heating system costing you more money.

Thirdly, an annual inspection/clean and service helps to assure that your heating system won’t let you down when you need it most……when it is COLD outside.

Here at Hinds Energy, we have service /maintenance plans that are designed to give you the peace of mind that your heating system is safe to operate - the knowledge that your heating system is operating at its peak efficiency and the assurance that if for some reason your heating system fails to work you are just a phone call away from getting your heating system up and running. 

Call Hinds Energy today and let us help you choose what service maintenance plan would be right for your family’s home.