Posted by admin on June 13, 2016

When I bought my house it was equipped with a 40 gallon electric hot water heater. This is when I first became acquainted with COLD SHOWERS… Uggh! I would let my wife take the shower first then I would get mine, only mine started warm and ended up VERY COLD. The reason my shower ended up cold was because the recovery rate of the electric hot water heater was appallingly SLOW. The electric water heater would generate hot water, but not very fast and not very economically. I changed my hot water heater to a propane fired tankless hot water heater and now I have all the hot water I can use. My family can take shower after shower and never have a cold shower and I dramatically cut my electric bill—A DOUBLE BONUS. The reason that the water heater change out cut my electric bill so much is because the propane heater only operates when there is a need for hot water. The electric water heater has to constantly try to keep that 40 gallons, in the tank, and hot all the time, so you only have a little hot water when you need it. It is not a very efficient process and when you have a large demand for hot water not a very warm process. If you HATE COLD SHOWERS too, call us at 570-278-3811. We can help you have all the hot water you need at a very economical price. 

P.S. To get an idea of how much more efficient propane is compared to electricity, check out my previous blog post: PROPANE VS. ELECTRICITY: COMPARING COSTS.